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At somethingelse we believe marketing has always been crucial to the success of any business or organisation, and at the back of marketing is content!  Even more so as businesses are striving for excellence, and investigating ways to drive growth in this digital age, content and Marketing are more important, be it captivating visuals, or targeting your audience via organic,  paid and social. Somethingelse is dedicated to helping businesses and organisations get their key message in front of those who need to hear it.
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Performance marketing

With everything revolving around Your Audience or Customer’s Online Journey We develop In-depth User Personas to help you understand who your audience is, what they like, where you can find them, and how to reach them. Already have a detailed persona? Our Customer Journey Maps help you get a better understanding of how your audience searches, how they interact with your brand and organization, where they go and what they do online. From your audience’s perception of your brand, their interaction, and relationship with your organization, we outline optimized processes to help you connect your activity to your audience’s and accelerate conversion.

Communications & Messaging

Civil society organizations aim to develop a communication plan or a document that guides the external communications efforts of the organization. The detailed guide is aimed to help any organization to strategically focus its communication and outreach efforts around a certain set of goals – usually the mission and objectives of an organization, in order to effectively promote its work in the public and donors eyes. This document is more than a skeletal guide, but can be fleshed out with detailed outlines, infographics, mood boards and a whole content delivery schematic. As your communications and messaging partner, we help your organization create a detailed communications plan. Already have a communications plan? We help you achieve your objectives by creating a content delivery calendar. Already have a content delivery calendar? We deliver by providing expert and professional content development and production services to match your objectives and goals. 

Our Services

Content is King.

Get content production at your fingertips from Blog Articles and Copies, Photography, Video, Animation, Infographics and much more.
To stand out, we deliver customer centric, and conversion driven content production.

Online Marketing and Advertising.

Delivering leads, sales & ROI with PPC, SEO, Social & CRO From digital marketing strategy to execution, we’ll help you strive for excellence online by improving both your campaigns and website performance, all together. You don’t have a strategy? No worries! Our team is poised to help you develop a comprehensive brand strategy that outlines where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there.
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Continuously Improve Your Campaigns.

As your marketing and communications agency partner, we’ll help you identify, build and test the right mix of channels because the best results come from everything working together, in harmony, synchrony, and synergy.  Using processes, tech and data, you’ll see what’s working, to what extent, what isn’t, why, and what we can do about it. We’re here to help you pull the growth levers that matter to your organisation and rigorously maximise each channel we work with you on.

Ultimately helping you attain Growth and Competitive Advantage.

Strengthen your position across paid, owned and earned channels online while receiving detailed competitor insights and building sophisticated strategies designed for the long-term goals and objectives.

Our Services

Marketing strategy, Online Marketing, and Content Production.

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We carefully develop a plan or method for achieving your goals and strategic objectives, outlining the skills and resources needed to undertake such a plan or method. We have created several tested and proven strategies for achieving your marketing or communications goals and objectives, and we are poised to develop your unique strategy that suits your needs.

How do we develop your Marketing strategy?

What can you expect from our strategic development services?


We explore your needs, identify problems, and ideate solutions. We engage you or stakeholders in your organization in dialogues that reveal in depth organizational objectives and evaluate key performance indicators. 


When the goals are set, your organization or brand’s personality is crystal clear, and the objectives and expectations are outlined, we get to do research work. This step is essential for ALL successful marketing efforts. The research helps to immerse into the environment of the future you want for your marketing or communications objectives, and comprehend the peculiarities which may influence its success. We dig out the information about the market and potential competitors, rivals, or allies. It’s good to learn from someone’s experience, be it good or bad.


After we have carried out our research, we analyse the data and present you with our findings. We also present how we intend to deliver our solution, and the working methodology we have chosen.

We Deliver!

We outlined a detailed schedule for delivery, allowing for multiple feedback and evaluation sessions to optimize your communications, or campaign the best way possible. We also deliver a clear set of deliverables which range from but are not restricted to surveys we carry out, research reports, detailed game-plan and scenario plans, and a roadmap design.

What else?

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Online Marketing

We carefully develop a plan or method for achieving your goals and strategic objectives, outlining the skills and resources needed to undertake such a plan or method. We have created several tested and proven strategies for achieving your marketing or communications goals and objectives, and we are poised to develop your unique strategy that suits your needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Reach your target audience organically, and convert at scale. Rank number one on google search result pages for your brand or organisations keywords with our highly converting technical and online search engine optimization strategies.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Build Meaningful relationships with your clients, and prospective customers through our social meda mangement services. Utilise the power of our highly impactful content, social media marketing, and social media management strategies.

Search Engine Advertisement (SEA)

With our expereince as google partners, we create, monitor and optimize your search engine advertisement campaigns.  Deliver your pay per click (PPC) campaigns, or google display advertisement banners to the right audience through our laser precise audience targeting.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Diverting massive traffic towards your website by adopting our search engine marketing techniques and best practices. Convert traffic to leads with our highly effective landing page structures, and strategies to scale your business and organization.

Content Production

Content is King.  We help you stand out, and effcetively connect to your audeince b delivering customer centric, and conversion driven content production at your fingertips.

Blog Articles and Ad Copies

Beyond brand recognition, content is the bedrock of your  search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. There’s no sense in creating content that will never be found, and it must be optimized to be searchable ranking in search results. Bring your brand story, messaging, and services alive with our technical writers.

Video and Animation

Videos and animations not only help your company improve the relationship with customers and build trust with potential clients,it also describes your brands personality, messaing, and services, inways no other content format does. Let’s help your reach your target audience with marketing or brand videos and animations.

Photography and Brand Images

Photography is more important than ever before in helping brands to tell their story, and connect with their customers. Photographs convey emotion, personality, and credibility. Be it original brand images, taking pictures of your workspace, or portraying your employees and staff through high definition lenses, we are here to help you.


Infographics explain difficult concepts by illustrating steps and breaking down processes into easy-to-digest, visual chunks. Businesses and nonprofits can help their audience better understand how certain processes work by using an infographic to illustrate the steps. Let our professionals get to work for you on your next project.

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