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Somethingelse is a digital agency providing all-in-one business, digital, and IT solutions to companies, civil society organisations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. At Somethingelse our purpose is helping small and medium scale organizations and enterprises grow with digital.


In an ever progressive digital world, having access to digital solutions is imperative to organizational growth and development. But due to large corporations taking up the technology space, and the ever increasing need for digital services, access and affordability have become a problem. Small and medium scale enterprises and organizations are having problems finding high quality and reliable digital services for affordable prices. 

Somethingelse is a full service digital agency with headquarters based in brussels belgium, and branches on 3 continents. We provide all in one digital solutions from ideation, to launch, and full scale operation. At Somethingelse, we believe in one cohesive network of service solutions to help entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, small scale businesses, and medium scale enterprises operate optimally and efficiently on a budget. Our branding, marketing and technology solutions, help organizations plug into the vast source of digital manpower we bring to the table. 

For Somethingelse the world would be a better place if small and medium scale enterprises and organizations could have access to top end digital solutions to help them grow, without having to break the bank. We believe an all in one digital service agency that provides high quality industry standard digital solutions at an inclusive price point will help bridge the growth gap between large scale corporations and small to medium scale enterprises. Eliminating the hassle of finding adequate digital services for all operating and development needs, at same time delivering value at an affordable all inclusive price point. 

Somethingelse is totally committed to growing businesses and changing lives by community outreach campaigns focused on minorities, and native community projects to encourage and facilitate grassroot development. We will offer professional expertise to start-ups and SMEs to empower them and facilitate their growth in a rapidly scaling industry.


Our vision is helping brands and organizations grow on a budget.

OUR mission

From ideation, to launch, and full-scale sustainable operation, Somethingelse is on a mission to provide all-in-one key digital solutions to facilitate organisational development and growth.



By designing and delivering useful, original, seamless, memorable, and quality services, we build loyalty with our clients. Beyond this, we support wider business ambitions, helping our clients to develop strategies and harness technology to drive growth, development and success.


We believe that high quality and impactful services can be delivered at an all inclusive price point to enable brands and organisations to grow. Our services are created with development, growth and scale in mind, not profit.


We work for each other and the ecosystem. We are a family; Our clients are our team. Through transparency, honesty and trust we aim to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes that create close partnerships.


Continuous Incremental Improvement is one of our core values, and hallmarks. Through asking questions, and disrupting the norm, we look to innovate new ways of doing things, new solutions to the market and opportunities where no one has found them before. We employ continuous incremental improvement as a mantra to be better every day! This means doing things in a way that we can reuse and improve each time.


At Somethingelse our customers come from all walks of life and so do we. We also believe that all organizations should have the opportunity to effect change and make an impact, regardless of their budget, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes the world a better place and creates value for all.

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