Branding: Need to know Tips for small businesses

Every year, Apple releases a new feature you anticipate. It is a cycle—rinse and repeat. You sit down in front of your phone screen/ laptops and watch as the event unfolds. A recurring thought flashes through your mind, “How do they pull this off?”

As a small business owner, you say out loud; “Damn, I wish I had the money to invest in product events.” First of all, you do not have to invest in live events. What you need to do is define your brand. Waiting until you stack a pile of money is a red flag. This cripples your business.

Stalling your business branding produces many problems. You create a fence between the message and your audience. Sales will decline, and potential customers will buy from your competition.

Etching a spot in the competitive digital space means you are defining your brand identity. It does not stop there. You must understand the ‘why’ of building your brand identity. And what it takes to connect emotionally with your audience. Solutions, designs, and engagements are some of the tools for connecting.

At Somethingelse digital agency, here in Brussels—we hold branding dear to our hearts. That is why we compiled this complete guide to branding. Our easy-to-read steps will walk you through the basics of growing your brand identity.


Your brand identity is the fundamental element of your company. It expresses the core values of yourself, your team, and how you represent such values to your audience. Your brand identity is different from your ‘brand image’ and ‘branding’.

We will simplify it.

Let’s look at the life of a young aspiring chef. He needs to work hard to achieve his vision. So he strategizes, writes down his daily goals, and puts in the effort —that is his brand strategy.

After that, he positions himself in the catering field. Talk to a chef in local restaurants. Research and buy cookbooks and apply for minor roles in the restaurants. These actions are relationships that will help him grow. In basic terms, you are marketing yourself—branding.

Finally, a top chef is nothing without its tools. Hence, he has to look at the part. He saves to buy pots, knives, aprons, etc. He becomes orderly and precise. This is the image that enables people to appreciate his efforts—his brand image.

All these little tasks combined are his brand identity. Now, you know what your brand identity is. But, how do you build a healthy brand like the aspiring chef? Easy breezy.

As a digital agency—we lookout for the best solutions. Thus, dive into what we call Somethingelse bowl of soup, where we narrow down stress-free steps for you.


Think of your brand as a football team with different players. Now you are the coach whose aim is to win competitions. So you gather your team around, know your players’ strengths, plan and practice. As a coach, you have lots of background work to do before the big game. The same rule applies to your brand identity. To have a healthy brand, you have to define who you are.

How are your services different from your competitors? For instance, McDonald’s with their theme ‘I’m loving it.’ Before you place an order, it is imprinted in your mind. So your subconscious already loves their products. And they achieve this by creating something different like ‘Big mac.’ Do you need to pull out the drawing board and reinvent ideas that will attract your audience? Reflect on these questions when figuring out your point of difference.

Who is your target audience? What matters to them? Why do they need your service? Keep in mind that knowing your target audience nurtures that emotional link between you and your customers. It also serves as a guide to an optimum brand strategy.


Uhuh, you heard right. The new kid is on the block. Branding exceeds logo creation and SEO optimization.

It is the way people address your brand. It is presenting your mission appealingly. Lastly, it is how you relate with your environment and more!  Here are few things you should consider to create the right look for your brand.

  • Branding Style: Before you start designing, unravel details like your color palette, typography, and fonts. Psychologists believe a combination of these three, relates to the body, mind, and emotions. And determine how well consumers will connect with your service. . Like the color blue used by Facebook, Twitter because it is the color of clear communication. Most marketing and advertising excos understand the benefits of utilizing color psychology. Thus, you need to implement it too.
  • Create a logo: Your logo is the first feature customers see. It is the face of your company and should be the first thing you design.
  • Web Design/ Website: When creating your web design, incorporate aspects such as inbound marketing. This simply means attracting customers with a specifically designed content tailor to them. The purpose of your website is to gain traffic. Apart from captivating designs, your content must be specific. Curate high-quality content that enlightens your target audience. Incorporate storytelling with social trends that engage the customers and showing them you understand their problems. Consider 3 key design elements– color scheme, the call-to-action, and navigation.

As mentioned earlier, colors have an effect on the body, mind, and emotions. You should manipulate colors to convince customers to visit a particular link. Your navigation needs to be sleek and direct if you want customers to know where to click. Finally, use call-to-action words like try, and save. This must be bold and persuasive.


In this digital era, small business owners forget the traditional medium. This is understandable. Tech makes everything easier. The use of social media, newsletters heightens our positions to customers. However, traditional branding plays a supportive role. Use traditional mediums like sponsorship activities, press, volunteering, etc. Remember, be flexible as you want to increase sales and market your service.



Like Drake said: elevate, elevate your only obligation is to sell it straight. For a new brand, collaboration is the bread that compliments your tea. People tend to do business with brands they trust. But if you are a new brand, solidifying that trust is difficult. Therefore, collaborating with other brands that your target audience has worked with is essential. This will boost reputations and take you further than you ever imagined.

The key to this strategy is in collaborating with supplementary brands. That is a brand having a similar but non-competitive audience. Think of this collaboration as creating a linked channel in which resources (consumers) can be transferred. This will make the customers more willing to work with you.



We all have heroes we look up to. That is people with dedicated characters. They are like moths, and we are flames drawn to them. Your brand should be that flame. It should offer solutions that will lift the burdens from their backs.

Your branding is about providing the needed to change in your customers. And this involves every little step you take towards achieving this change. This increases your reputation and testimonies from your audience. If you want to succeed in the long run, you should be able to carry out herculean tasks for your customers.

Now, you know how to effectively brand your business. We know you got chunks out of our bowl of soup. This is because Somethingelse works with the fact that we can help. If you want more from our informative soup, scroll down to read more about us.

About Us

Somethingelse is a digital agency in Brussels, Lagos, and Abuja. We have a proficient design team. And create beautiful logos that meet your scale and budget.

We evaluate your needs through our workshops and discussions. We scale up your competitive advantage with thorough research. We deliver designs such as business cards; letterheads that will help you grow your brand.

Our goal is to create an impact by making our designs stand out from the crowd. We do this by creatively organizing a clear and concise experience for our consumers. Learn morea about our branding services here.

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